Who we are

Founded in 2020 with a good friend of mine during our studies, KOOKS Clothing was born in a student apartment in German Münster. After the project had been dormant for some time, I picked up the thought at the end of 2021 and started to work intensively on the creation of the label and the drop before Christmas 2022.

The company is located in Germany and focuses on rare and limited high quality fashion. We want to create exclusivity and lots of dedication to the product, not only with us, also with our customers. Therefore we sell limited numbers of pieces and ship in classy shipping boxes. Wearing and living KOOKS Clothing is an experience full of love.

Cheers, Clemens.


We are rare, inspired and obsessed.

We are rare in terms of our unit numbers. Each of our collections is limited. With rarity we create exclusivity. This is exactly what defines our label. We are inspired by the world's most vibrant metropolises. Le savoir-vivre de Paris and the golden 60s of Sharon Tates Los Angeles inspire us and our collections. We are obsessed with the highest quality. High-quality materials and excellent workmanship form the basis of sustainable and exclusive products.

Organic Cotton

No chemistry, no pesticides!

Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Up to 91% less water consumption

Compared to conventional cotton up to 91% less water is used when cultivating organic cotton. This is mainly due to two aspects: On the one hand, the organic cotton plants are planted on a thick layer of humus, which can store the water much better than conventional soil. On the other hand, as part of the organic cultivation projects, cotton farmers learn how to use water more efficient by getting explained the savings potential of furrow and drip irrigation.

Study of the savings potential on global warming!

Without a doubt, the problem of climate change is the biggest global threat and challenge in human history. Agriculture causes 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions – more than transport or energy generation. Of course, only a small part of this goes back to textile production, but a rethink in textile production would have a significant share in terms of the energy saving potential and thus an influence on global warming. In the run-up to the UN climate conference in Paris 2015, the soil association presented a study of the influence of organic cotton on climate change. According to this, it determines a savings potential through the cultivation of organic cotton compared to conventional cotton cf 91% In water consumption and 60% in energy consumption. This could reduce the impact on global warming by incredible 46%.


Polar Bear Love

Increasing global temperatures caused by greenhouse gases boost arctic ice to melt more rapid than ever before. Its natural habitat of polar bears is shrinking dramatically and makes them being considered as one of the most threatened species in the world. They are the first and so far most affected species by global warming.

Icecap serves as an essential platform for hunting seals. Thanks to their fine sense of smell, probably the finest nose of all mammals in the world, they can track seals under the ice. But due to the rapidly melting ice, they gonna loose their vital hunting platform. Rising temperatures in the arctic mean that the ice freezes late and thaws again early. The carnivore hunting season is getting shorter and shorter. They cannot build up enough fat reserves to survive. In search of food, more and more desperate bears are getting lost in human areas. The meet up between humans and bears is very dangerous for both sides and usually ends fatally for the bears. A study supported by WWF shows that sea ice will continue to decline dramatically over the next few decades and is expected to melt completely in summer by the year 2035 - with fatal consequences for the polar bears: They could be almost completely extinct by the end of the century.

They are beautiful animals that exude self-confidence, strength and aesthetics. With them as our icon, we want to show the basic values of our brand and draw attention to the great threat to their very existence.